Last year's charity auction went off pretty well. As such, we decided to be doing it again this year. Except instead, I decided to enlist the help of our good friends at XSEED Games. This time, we will be running two auctions, thanks to the generosity shown to us by XSEED.

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We have contacted the wonderful and gracious XSEED Games to help us out with our auction this year. I purchased a new copy of Half Minute Hero, and Jessica Chavez managed to get a pair of autographs on it (one from her- the editor, and one from Eugene Chen, the game's translator)... but instead of just sending it back, she happened to toss back a ton of swag at us. Enough swag to make two auctions.

Auction #1 this year will contain the following:
Half Minute Hero + 1 Oni doll.

Auction #2 this year will contain:
An art card for Trails in the Sky, autographed by the XSEED staff, an XSEED Games t-shirt, and an Oni doll.

Both of these auctions will start at $25. All you need to do is donate the amount of the winning bid to Extra Life, forward the confirmation email to me, and I will do the rest. Don't even worry about shipping. That's all me.

This is, of course, being done in the form of a silent auction, like last year. I will be keeping the top page updated with the top bid, as well as post new winning bids on our twitter account.

100% of the winning bid will be donated to the Children's Miracle Network for Extra Life and you will be able to ensure that as well, through the 'payment method' I'll be setting up.

To bid, all you need to do is fill out the form below. This form will be emailed to me, and make sure you select which auction you're bidding on. If you want to bid on both, please fill out the form twice- once for the bid for each item.

Last year, I closed the auction off on Sunday at the end of Extra Life. This year, I will continue to leave it open until the following week. I will close the auction at 9am Eastern on Sunday, October 23. (this time, I'll remove the forms to 'close' the auction.)

Please make sure your email is correct in the bids, so that I can reach out to you for it.

Individual images:
Half Minute Hero and Autographs
Oni dolls
Signed art card
XSEED Games t-shirt back

To bid, please fill out the following:

Which Auction:
Half Minute Hero Pack Art Card and T-Shirt Pack
Amount to Bid:

Thank you so much for your support. Remember that even people who donate a few dollars can help change the survival rate of children with cancer in your local Children's Miracle Network from 15% to as much as 75%.

There are many people who would appreciate this donation!